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Data Scientist

I am an amibitious and diligent person with an interest in data science and machine learning, especially on the subject of infrastructure data and incident management.

  • Birthday: 26 Aug 1997
  • City: Almere, NL
  • Age: 25
  • Degree: Master

Currently I am a PhD student at the AI for FinTech Research Lab, which is a collaboration between ING Bank & Delft University of Technology. My research topic is incident management. Also, I am working as a Data Scientist at ING Bank in the Infrastructure & Engineering department.


Python 85%
C# 75%
R 85%
PySpark 75%
LaTeX 70%
SQL 50%











My Resume


Eileen Kapel

Amibitious and diligent PhD Student & Data Scientist with an interest in data science and machine learning on the subject of incident management.

  • Almere, NL
  • eileenkapel@outlook.com


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD

2021 - Present

Delft University of Technology, NL

At the AI for FinTech Research Lab of TU Delft & ING Bank. Part of the Department of Software Technology.

MSc Information Studies: Data Science

2018 - 2019

University of Amsterdam, NL

BSc Information Science

2015 - 2018

Universtiy of Utrecht, NL

Professional Experience

Data Scientist II

2020 - Present

ING Bank, Amsterdam, NL

  • Currently working as a data scientist in the infrastructure domain.
  • Became internal in November, 2021.
  • Working on different AIOps use cases with Tech Infrastructure monitoring data.

Trainee DevOps Automation Engineer

2020 - 2021

YER, Amsterdam, NL

  • A Traineeship for DevOps Automation Engineer where i worked external as a Data Scientist for ING Bank.

Student Assistant

2017 - 2018

University of Utrecht, Utrecht, NL

  • Student Assistant for the Mobile Programming course from Nov, 2017 to Feb, 2018.
  • Student Assistant for the Scientific Research Methods course from Sep, 2017 to Nov, 2017.


Professional Scrum Master I




  • 2023/05/20: Invited talk at SVM 2023 Workshop on ''Incident Prevention Through Reliable Changes Development: Progress and Future Plans''
  • 2023/05/16: Poster presentation at ICSE 2023 Doctoral Symposium on ''Incident Prevention Through Reliable Changes Deployment''
  • 2023/04/20: Poster presentation at ICT Open 2023 on 'Incident Management in a Software-Defined Business: A Case Study''
  • 2023/01/24: Junior PC for Mining Software Repositories (MSR) 2023
  • 2023/01/16: Attended the ICT with Industry 2023 workshop at Lorentz Center
  • 2022/07/06: Presentation at ING Bank's Reliability Event 2022 on ''The current state of incident management at ING: Challenges & Opportunities''
  • 2022/11/18: Poster presentation at Alice and Eve 2022 workshop


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